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New Batman announced!

Hello all!

Some interesting news has been unveiled in the last couple of days concerning who is going to portray Batman in the up coming  (untitled) Superman vs Batman movie.

So without further ado the actor to play against Henry Cavils Superman is . . . Ben Affleck!

Ben Affleck

Photo/Carlo Allegri

Now I can tell what your all thinking, Ben Affleck??? WTF!!

I am sure there are a number of fantastic actors who are more suited to playing Batman and I know a lot of Batman fans are not happy with this decision. To be honest I am surprised that this has been announced so early (the film is not out until 2015) and Affleck had not even crossed my mind in terms of potential Batmans.

However I would not be so rushed to judge this decision, granted I don’t believe Affleck will be anything like Christian Bales outstanding portrayal in the Dark Knight Trilogy, but maybe that’s a good thing. Affleck is a versatile actor, likes a challenge and is extremely good at what he does. He may bring something new or different to the role of Batman. Or he may be exactly what everyone wants the Batman character to be, and honestly I can see him in the outfit.

In short I am not going to make up my mind either way until some photos or even footage are released, and I hope that die hard Batman fans will give Affleck a chance, I mean Warner Bros Pictures must know what they’re doing, right? 



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