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Riddick Review

Hey everyone,

It’s all go round here at the moment so we’re just getting the chance to catch up on some posts that we’ve been meaning to put up for a while. So I’m gonna start off with a review of Riddick which we went to see last week.

Now I’ve only recently been introduced to the world of Riddick when the Chronicles of Riddick was on TV a few weeks ago, so I apologise if I get any facts wrong. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the ‘Chronicles’, it was action-packed, had a pretty good story line that could be understood even if you were new Riddick and had a pretty amazing cast (Vin Diesel, Karl Urban and Dame Judi Dench to name just a few). So this gave reasonably high expectations for the new film, simply titled ‘Riddick’.


So this film, the third instalment, took place on a planet that didn’t really like anyone other than its native inhabitants to stay there. Basically this film is all about Riddick trying to stay alive and ultimately get off this planet, with a few other people who also want his head in a box. Compared to the previous film ‘Riddick’ seemed to lack the scale and epic story line that I was expecting. Now I don’t know whether this was the idea, to scale it down and try to make a more intimate film exploring Riddick’s character a bit more, but I don’t think this was achieved either. I can’t say I really learnt anything I didn’t already know from the ‘Chronicles’ film. I know that as a newcomer to the Riddick world and having only seen one of the previous films I don’t really have much ground to criticise, but having talked to a friend who is a massive Riddick (and Vin Diesel) fan she agrees that it was a little bit disappointing. She said that the film in itself was good and she enjoyed it but it was just lacking something that the previous films had.

So overall as a pure action sci-fi film its pretty good, decent effects, interesting creatures and a good cast, just lacking a little spark to make it as good as its predecessors.




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Fast and Furious 6 Review

Hi Y’all

It has been a busy few weeks for us here so we haven’t been able to post as much as we’d like to. So over the next few days we’re gonna be making up for it, starting with this, our review of Fast and Furious 6! (which came in the post yesterday).

Now as a massive super car fan the ‘Fast’ films are right up my street, my sister however doesn’t quite agree. Me and my Dad have been attempting to get her into F1 for some time now and i think we’re just about starting to get through, with a little help from films such as these 😉

My poor delusioned sister, I will never like F1. And in my opinion, the best thing about these films is the music. The music is kick ass.

Well then apparently that is my sister’s review of the film . . . the music is ‘kick-ass’.

The explosions are pretty cool too. I like when stuff blows up. Hence why I like Death Race. Lots of explosions and people dying in imaginative ways :). He he he . . . . 

Wow a very in depth analysis there . . . music and explosions. Fast and Furious 6 is so much more then that. Beautiful cars, amazing chase sequences, brilliant actors, and yes explosions . . . oh and a TANK!!!

You know, one of my friends boyfriend did the paint work on one of the cars in the film. And Vin Diesel does have a lovely deep voice.  And why are we listening to Doctor Who music while we write this? Not that I mind . . .

Wow fascinating bit of trivia there, would be better if you knew which car. But i do have to agree Vin Diesels voice is something to behold. Anyway what is your opinion of the film sister dearest? (and do you need a reason to listen to Doctor Who music?!? It’s awesome!)

It’s one of the show cars in the gathering bit. From the hour or so that I have seen of the film (Thanks for waiting for us to get back before starting -_-) it’s action packed and fast moving. The cars are pretty sweet and the music rocks. So all in all, I’d watch it again. Tokyo Drift is still my favorite of this series though. The music is epic in that one, and drifting is awesome.

Firstly if we had waited for you to get back you wouldn’t have been able to watch CSI:NY. Secondly is that the sound of you starting to like cars?? (‘sweet’???). Anyway I really enjoyed this film, one of the best in the series with plenty to build on in Fast 7. Like I said before beautiful looking and sounding cars, some amazing sequences through the middle of London and the runway scene was simply epic. Although I believe someone worked out that the runway would need to be about 34 miles long for that sequence to take place!! Oh and a British bad guy! Like so many films at the moment, i don’t know what it is with casting us brits as the baddies but we do do a fantastic job of it 😉 

Yeah, I’m gunna have to watch the whole film aren’t I? *Sigh* I’ll just power through. 

We could have a ‘Fast’ marathon!!!!!!!!!

Although would we watch them in the order they were released or chronologically? Because Tokyo Drift technically comes after Fast 6 chronologically.

Oh sweet lord no . . . . *Backs away* Bye everyone!! HD *Runs out of room*

Well thats one way of getting her to leave the room! But a ‘Fast’ marathon sounds pretty good to me, wonder if my Dad will watch them with me . . . . . . . .



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