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Our introduction to ‘The Moff’

Hi there folks! 

What up guys!

So we thought our next post should be about something (or should that be someone) that has had a massive affect on our lives. As devoted fans of both Doctor Who and Sherlock, Steven Moffat (‘The Moff’) has given us some fantastic TV moments. But these programs were not the first time we experienced the talents of Mr Moffat. 

We were first introduced to Moffats work when our parents allowed us to watch series 4 of a little British comedy called Coupling. We didn’t know it at the time but this was to be the last series of the program but we had all the previous series on DVD and we soon became hooked.

*You first saw series 4. I had seen some of the other episodes before on DVD.

Ok, the point is we both love this strange comedy program that introduced us to the world of ‘Unflushables’, ‘The Giggle-loop’ and ‘The cupboard of Patrick’s Love’.

Ahh the giggle-loop, it has ruined so many serious events for us. Anyway, Couplings main characters, Steve and Susan, just so happen to be based on none other than our own Steven Moffat and his lovely wife Sue Vertue. Personally my favourite character is Jeff (played by Richard Coyle)

Ohh Jeffrey . . . A strange and wonderful character that has kept us laughing long after the series finished back in 2004 – Humm that’s nearly ten years, wonder if Moffat has any time spare to make an anniversary episode?

That would be pretty awesome. Take the reins for a bit I want to finish my jaffa cake.

Very professional Heather. However awesome that may be, i don’t think an anniversary episode is on the cards. Since Moffat is tied up with the 50th year of Doctor who, bringing Sherlock back from the dead  as well as looking for the 12th regeneration of the Timelord, coupled with the fact many people don’t seem to like Coupling all that much for some reason.

Well, we shall just have to write to him and see what happens. And now that I have finished my jaffa cake I would like to point out that, um, bugger I’ve gone blank. Help?

Ok i’ll take over, we haven’t really explained why we love this program so much. It’s not only the uniquely weird and wonderful characters but also the dynamics between them all. The main theme throughout the program is sex and relationships and how the six main characters struggle with this area of their lives.

Also the fact that it can make you pee yourself from laughing gives the show extra brownie points. If  you want a more naked and detailed plot summary go here –> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0237123/plotsummary?ref_=tt_stry_pl

There’s plenty to enjoy for all the family sorry actually it’s quite rude so probably best not to share with ALL the family, especially in the ‘Naked’ episode . . .

Yep, that one does get pretty naked 😉 So in summary, you should all watch Coupling it’s awesome and you’ll love it. The hypno-toad says you should.

What the?

Anyway yes it is an awesome series and i would recommend it to anyone as a fascinating introduction to a more relaxed and fun Moffat style.

He’s sooooo changeable!! *awesome Moriarty impression* Oh my god, Moffat IS Moriarty!!!!! DUN DUN DURRRRRR!!

*Shocked gasp*

I don’t think Andrew Scott will be too pleased with this revelation! On the subject of Sherlock we will inevitably post quite a bit on this as the third series approaches, as well as the goings on in the world of Doctor who during it’s 50th anniversary. But as a starter to the world of ‘The Moff’ we recommend Coupling.


Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Gina Bellman (Leverage)

Sarah Alexander (Stardust -not that you would recognise her!)

Kate Isitt (Half light)

Ben Miles (V for Vendetta, and the upcoming Dracula TV series)

Richard Coyle (Prince of Persia and my personal favourite actor to be the next Doctor )

And in the fourth series Richard Mylan (Grownups)

So Check it out. Here’s a picture of the cast for you all:

Copyright BBC 2000-2004

I have to go groom my rabbit so, Laterz!


Alright see you all soon!



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