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First Post!

What up my nerdizzles!!!!

Why di . . . actually i’m not even gonna ask.

Greetings blogging world! This is our first post on all things we like to geek out to, namely films and TV shows. I think a nice way to start would be to simply say what our favourite films/TV shows are and then throw it out to everyone else! What do you think?

Sounds alright munchkin. Where shall we start . . . The Three Flavour Cornetto Trilogy!


That film still makes me both laugh and crap my pants! I find it that good. Lest us not forget the awesome success of Hot Fuzz too.

Indeed, so many great scenes in both films. My particular favourites are the ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ zombie bar scene in Shaun and the Cornetto brain freeze moment in Fuzz.

I love the scene in Fuzz where they chase the swan. And the checking to see if the coast is clear up the slide in Shaun. We really need to go see The Worlds End soon.

I agree, I can’t wait for the continuing fence gag and the inevitable mayhem that will take place on the ‘Golden mile’ bar crawl.

Kudos to Edgar Wright for forming the third backbone for this trilogy, sometimes I think he doesn’t get as much credit as he should. Also I think you should all know Chrissi just fell over her own bed! I thought I was meant to be the goofy one! Anyway, hopefully we will have seen The Worlds End by this time next week, so we can give you our review.

Yes, the combination of him, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost makes for cinema magic, but in the mean time we can still have fun quoting the previous two films . . . want anything from the shop?

Did you actually just say ‘Cinema magic’? And we already got ice cream today. 

Yes i did, and it really does they make fantastic films together and although this is the end of the Cornetto trilogy, to quote the peggster himself, ‘It is only the end of the beginning’.

Well, that’s it from me today, dunno about you. See Y’all Laterz!!!


Yep see you lovely folks tomorrow!! Nice sly Sherlock quote sis 😀



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