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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug main trailer

Hello again!

Two posts in one day, wow!

Seriously though there’s a lot to catch up on!

So The official main trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was released yesterday and well the main thing that we can take away from it is . . . .  you guessed it, Smaugs’ voice!!!! And what a voice! If you think Benedict Cumberbatchs’ voice was deep in Star Trek into Darkness then wait till you hear Smaug!

Aside from Smaug (who we still haven’t had a decent view of yet, and probably won’t until we see the film) there was lots of action from the rest of the cast and plenty of warnings for Thorin and Co. As well as a massive hint that the necromancer is in fact Sauron, which included a glimpse of the fiery eye from Lord of the Rings. 

So lots to look forward to and only 72 days until it is released in the UK!!


Have you finished now?

ARGH. Done.

Thankyou, so if you haven’t seen it yet or just want to watch it again (as we will (: ) the video is below





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Riddick Review

Hey everyone,

It’s all go round here at the moment so we’re just getting the chance to catch up on some posts that we’ve been meaning to put up for a while. So I’m gonna start off with a review of Riddick which we went to see last week.

Now I’ve only recently been introduced to the world of Riddick when the Chronicles of Riddick was on TV a few weeks ago, so I apologise if I get any facts wrong. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the ‘Chronicles’, it was action-packed, had a pretty good story line that could be understood even if you were new Riddick and had a pretty amazing cast (Vin Diesel, Karl Urban and Dame Judi Dench to name just a few). So this gave reasonably high expectations for the new film, simply titled ‘Riddick’.


So this film, the third instalment, took place on a planet that didn’t really like anyone other than its native inhabitants to stay there. Basically this film is all about Riddick trying to stay alive and ultimately get off this planet, with a few other people who also want his head in a box. Compared to the previous film ‘Riddick’ seemed to lack the scale and epic story line that I was expecting. Now I don’t know whether this was the idea, to scale it down and try to make a more intimate film exploring Riddick’s character a bit more, but I don’t think this was achieved either. I can’t say I really learnt anything I didn’t already know from the ‘Chronicles’ film. I know that as a newcomer to the Riddick world and having only seen one of the previous films I don’t really have much ground to criticise, but having talked to a friend who is a massive Riddick (and Vin Diesel) fan she agrees that it was a little bit disappointing. She said that the film in itself was good and she enjoyed it but it was just lacking something that the previous films had.

So overall as a pure action sci-fi film its pretty good, decent effects, interesting creatures and a good cast, just lacking a little spark to make it as good as its predecessors.



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New Batman announced!

Hello all!

Some interesting news has been unveiled in the last couple of days concerning who is going to portray Batman in the up coming  (untitled) Superman vs Batman movie.

So without further ado the actor to play against Henry Cavils Superman is . . . Ben Affleck!

Ben Affleck

Photo/Carlo Allegri

Now I can tell what your all thinking, Ben Affleck??? WTF!!

I am sure there are a number of fantastic actors who are more suited to playing Batman and I know a lot of Batman fans are not happy with this decision. To be honest I am surprised that this has been announced so early (the film is not out until 2015) and Affleck had not even crossed my mind in terms of potential Batmans.

However I would not be so rushed to judge this decision, granted I don’t believe Affleck will be anything like Christian Bales outstanding portrayal in the Dark Knight Trilogy, but maybe that’s a good thing. Affleck is a versatile actor, likes a challenge and is extremely good at what he does. He may bring something new or different to the role of Batman. Or he may be exactly what everyone wants the Batman character to be, and honestly I can see him in the outfit.

In short I am not going to make up my mind either way until some photos or even footage are released, and I hope that die hard Batman fans will give Affleck a chance, I mean Warner Bros Pictures must know what they’re doing, right? 


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Thor: The Dark World

Hey everyone,

First of all an apology is in order! It has been quite a while since we last posted because we have been quite busy recently but we will be getting back on top of this blogging business! 

So first of all the biggest news since the last post (for me anyway) has been the new full length trailer for Thor: The Dark World, with lots of Loki!!

This trailer gives a much more detailed feel for the film then the previous trailer, which has a distinctive ancient, epic feel that also still has a sense of humour  that many people enjoy.

The trailer also alludes to a closer look at some of the characters that were introduced in the first Thor film, such as Heimdall and Frigga (Thor and Loki’s mother) as well as Sif and the Warriors Three.

We also see that Jane visits Asgard and gives Loki a piece of her mind when they meet for the first time (because Loki never actually got to Earth in Thor and Jane only made a photographic appearance in The Avengers).

And then we get a good look at Malekith leader of the Dark Elves, played by the 9th Doctor himself Christopher Eccleston, although you’d never know just by looking at him! Some amazing make up and costume design disguises Eccleston quite convincingly, even his voice is unfamiliar, but certainly ominous.

All in all this trailer promises an epic, ancient-feeling, thrill ride of a film, with the essence of the first film expanded and blown up to an epic scale in order to follow on from The Avengers.

I can’t wait till October!!

For a break down of the trailer with quotes from some of the stars visit Empire magazine here, the trailer itself is at the end of the article. Enjoy! 😀


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The 12th Doctor is in the House

Hello everyone!

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours you cannot have failed to notice quite an important announcement in the world of Doctor Who . . . the identity of Matt Smiths replacement.

I am not going to tip-toe around the identity as it is pretty impossible to avoid this spoiler, so without further ado the 12th incarnation of The Doctor is . . . .





Peter Capaldi!!


Appearing in episodes of both Doctor Who (The Fires of Pompeii) and Torchwood and being a massive Doctor Who fan himself I think that Peter is an excellent choice to carry on the role of the Timelord after Matt. Being a fan means that he will bring the same enthusiasm and passion for the role that was seen with David Tennant, who was also a massive Doctor Who fan when he got the part.

He also happens to be a fantastic actor and comedian, which means there will almost certainly be lots of comic moments that we have gotten accustomed to, and I have no doubt (unlike Heather) that he will be perfect for the show and a refreshing change from Matt Smith (not that I won’t miss Matt). Moffat has a way of always making the right choices when it comes to these big roles (just look at how perfect Matt was after David left) and the fact that his ‘short list’ consisted of only Peter Capaldi clearly shows he is extremely confident that now is the right time to bring Peter in to take over.

I for one cannot wait to see what his outfit is going to be like (I hope it will be slightly quirky), what his first words are going to be (he’s still not ginger!) and what the Doctors relationship with River will be like after the regeneration (if that story does indeed continue). I also hope that the TARDIS will get another redecoration but seen as it has been redecorated twice in Matts era I can’t see it happening . . . for a while anyway.

So after a busy weekend for Sherlockians, Whovians and Mr Moffat I will leave you with a lovely picture of the new Doctor and we will wait for the clock to strike 12 on Christmas day!

Peter Capaldi: The Twelfth Doctor

We would also love to hear any of your thoughts and comments about Capaldi and what you hope his incarnation will be like!



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Disney Pixar

Hi Folks,

So it has been a few days since our last post and I have been trying to think about what I could blog about, and then I remembered a something I retweeted a little while ago about Pixar.

Copyright Pixar

Now I am a huge Disney/Pixar fan with I think the only two films I haven’t seen (yet) being the most recent ones (Brave and Monsters University). Although I have grown up with these films and Toy Story was a massive part of my childhood I have always appreciated that the films are not actually made for children. They are made because the writers want to make them and want to make them for themselves. So they still appeal to the generation that has grown up with the films as well as the generation that was already grown up when they came out and now the generation that is watching them all for the first time. This universal appeal is part of what makes Pixar films so popular. You can also see evidence of the dedicated team of people that put them together with tons of love and care within the quality of the films and the storylines they choose to portray. They are able to show both the childish entertainment that keeps the younger audience amused and the maturity to tackle adult issues. For example Toy Story 3 struck rather deep with me and my family in particular as it was released at a time when I was in exactly the same position as Andy, all grown up and about to leave home to go to university (or college). So not only did this film have all the fantastic elements that I remembered from the first two when I was a child but it also felt as though it had grown up with me and faced the same issues that I did, and this is the magic that makes Pixar films so fantastic.

Anyway this has rather gotten off the original point I was going to make! 

What I had discovered on Twitter was a link to a blog that had come up with The Grand Pixar Theory! Which describes how all of the films are intertwined and puts them into a timeline (which is not necessarily the order in which they were released). Now I have on occasion noticed similarities between some of the films, talking animals, inanimate objects coming to life etc, as well as the occasional direct reference of one film in another. But this theory encompasses everything and puts it all into the timeline of some sort of parallel universe, starting with Brave and (currently) ending with Monsters Inc.

I can honestly say it is one of the most amazing theories I have ever read and if this is actually what Pixar has planned then they must all be geniuses, equally if it is not true it is still a genius theory that has been constructed from these wonderful films.

Definitely recommended reading, even if you are not a huge Pixar fan!

The blog I originally read is here:-

But after just doing a bit of research I have discovered a website that has been put together explaining the theory in a shorter, simpler manner, with very nice graphics ;). This can be found here:-

Have fun reading and remember nothing has been confirmed it’s all just speculation for now!

Till next time


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Total Annilation at The Worlds End’s *SPOILERS*

Hi everyone,

we have literally just got home after watching The World’s End, starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine and Eddie Marson, directed by Edgar Wright.

Now we need to say right from the off that this post/review will include spoilers, as well, we can’t really talk about the film without giving everything away!

Yep, so lets grab some bar stools and rip our shirts open!

Beautiful imagery there (just imagine Nick Frost doing that and your fine). Anyway if we start with a general synopsis of the film to give some insight, if you didn’t already know.

So Gary King (Simon Pegg) regroups his old pals together on a trip back to their home town of Newton Haven to complete ‘The Golden Mile’. The Golden Mile is a legendary bar crawl around the town that includes 12 pubs starting in The First Post and culminating at The World’s End. They started this crawl when they had just left school but failed to make it to the end so King is determined to complete the mile whether a robot-invading-world-ending-barmagendon occurs or not.

All starts off well but it soon transpires that something has happened in Newton Haven and after a violent incident in the men’s loo the group discover pretty much the whole town has been taken over by robots. Well I say robots but robots are slaves and these are not slaves they are very happy, as they keep arguing, anyway they end up simply being called ‘Blanks’.

Basically they’re invading but are to PC to say it’s an invasion. And, humans being humans, we’re buggering everything up for them 🙂 This doesn’t go down to well and ends in, well, the worlds end. (As we know it anyway)

Yes so as the team tick off more and more pubs along their golden mile they proceed to get more and more tangled up in some pretty epic pub fights. Now as they continue the robots are beginning to learn who they are and adapt their ‘responses’ accordingly making it more and more difficult to distinguish between humans and ‘blanks’. However they do make mistakes, because when people are turned into blanks their DNA gets used so any scars, tattoos won’t show and any lasered off birth marks will reappear.

Just like the ‘Omen’! His 6-shaped facial birth mark showed him up to be a blank! Who the hell got the  idea to turn Dr. Watson into a robot? I mean a Hobbit is reasonable, but a robot??

He was not a robot! In fact after he turned he was very happy to be back in Newton Haven and willing to complete the Golden Mile, even persuading the others to continue (which was when my suspicions were first aroused). The next scene was pretty cool when Andy (Frost) realised what had happened and suddenly smashed Oliver’s (Freeman) face off with a bar stool.

That reminds me of the bit where they met up again at the bowls club, or ‘the smoking room’. They all got paranoid and made each other prove they were human by showing scars, which ended with King Gay (Gary) repeatedly smashing his head against a pillar to prove he was human.

Haha King Gay

Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha! Peter then got captured and turned into a blank after beating the crap out of his childhood bully (who was also a blank) King Gay, lol 🙂

By this point there were only three pubs left on the crawl but it had all gotten too much for them and decided to call it a night. However to get back to Gary’s car ‘The Beast’ they had to go through pub number 10. At this point King Gay couldn’t let go of the fact they were so close to the end and made a run for it. Cue  lot’s of running, chasing, fast drinking and some emotional reconciliation between Pegg and Frosts characters (Seriously could have picked a better time though right?)

And then they got to the World’s End. This is where the sh*t got real, in a subterranean way. Like the bar sank into an underground bunker where we finally got to see the face of ‘The Network’. And the younger (and cuter) versions of Gary and his mates.

Gary’s words not ours by the way, and at this point it was nice to hear a familiar voice from the Cornetto trilogy in the form of Bill Nighy. Basically this is one of the best scenes in the film where Gary, Andy and Steven (Considine) have an argument with the Network and stand up for all that is bad about humanity and why we should be left alone!

The Network says ‘F*ck it’ in the end and leaves Newton Haven to be consumed by some sort of electrical explosion which plunges the world back into the dark ages.

So there you are barmagedon leading to the end of the world as we know it all because King Gay wanted to finish the Golden Mile. Thanks a bunch Gay.

However, orange Wednesday well spent! An awesome film to see at any time of day. Can we have it on DVD now?

Haha might have to wait a while for that release but it was indeed an awesome film and a fitting end to the Cornetto Trilogy. Great story, brilliant effects and amazing cast, all I can say is a very well done to the whole team. And for those that are sad the trilogy has come to an end I say don’t be sad it ended, be happy it happened. And a quote from the mighty Peggster himself “this is not the beginning of the end, it is the end of the beginning”. 

So we look forward to the next installment from Pegg, Frost and Wright.

Haha, King Gay.


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