Greetings ladies and maliens,
Hey, Chrissi, an alien just sicked up in my palms!! Oh, wait . . .
What? No wait shut up i’m trying to write something serious here about
Oh hey, blogging are we Dr. Watson? Can I be your Sherlock?
Ha if anything i’d be Sherlock. You know smart, sophisticated
Unlikely Miss. Doctor-Who-Blubber-Baby. On the other hand, I’d make a brilliant Sherlock. Aloof like Benedict Cumberbatch yet manic like Robert Downey Jr.
Yeah right Miss still-waiting-for-my-letter-to-get-into-Hogworts. Anyway can I bring it back round to what this page is meant to be about, us?
Sure, um, something to do with films, TV shows and fandoms? Am I right?
Yes, when your right your right, that’s what this blog is all about. Well our views on it all anyhow. So seeing as it’s our opinions on here we should probably write a little something about ourselves.
Like what? What my favourite colour is? “Hey I’m Buddy what’s your favourite colour” sort of thing?
Well if you want but I was thinking more like what our names are, where we are from, what kind of movies we like etc …
God I hate this song, do you have to play it. It’s distracting and irritating.
Well tough luck cupcake. I’m gonna go ahead an introduce myself, my name is Chrissi and I live in the UK
I’d like to point out here that we’re sisters, so we both live in the UK, the same house in fact! I’m Heather by the way, hi . . .
So we have decided to put together this blog because, well we’re bored and we seem to talk in quotes to each other
So we though, Hey! Lets sprawl this all over the internet, they love this sort of shiz! 😀
Really? Shiz?
It’s an acting choice.
Your not an actor!
No, I’m an Actoorrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right, whatever. Anyhoo . . . whats your favourite film then sister dear?
The Phantom of the Opera, a little out there, I know. But my film taste, like my music and clothes taste, is very varied. You my dearest sister?
Well that’s certainly true. My favourite film of all time is the Lion King, I don’t care if it’s a kids film I grew up with it and it means a lot to me. However at the moment a lot of my favourite films coming out are super hero movies
I wonder if that has anything to do with all the burly good-looking men?
Well yes but as you know it’s not always the heroes that catch my eye
Right, like Cousin It, I’m sure he was furry nice!
Yeah right, steady on there sausage, and who do you like from X-men first class?? Some beastly blue bloke??
Alright, shut up Miss minion, he was better as a zombie.
Yeah one of the few times someone looks better looking when they’re in full zombie costume!
Ok ok, just to clear up I’ve got nothing against Nic Hoult, he is a very good actor I just like winding my sister up 😉
Anyway, the overall point of this blog is to share our movie/TV dorkyness with you all. Fin.
Yeah and we’ll try to keep the arguing to a minimum
Bloody Slytherin.
And what Ravenclaw? Anyway Enjoy! 😀


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