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New Batman announced!

Hello all!

Some interesting news has been unveiled in the last couple of days concerning who is going to portray Batman in the up coming  (untitled) Superman vs Batman movie.

So without further ado the actor to play against Henry Cavils Superman is . . . Ben Affleck!

Ben Affleck

Photo/Carlo Allegri

Now I can tell what your all thinking, Ben Affleck??? WTF!!

I am sure there are a number of fantastic actors who are more suited to playing Batman and I know a lot of Batman fans are not happy with this decision. To be honest I am surprised that this has been announced so early (the film is not out until 2015) and Affleck had not even crossed my mind in terms of potential Batmans.

However I would not be so rushed to judge this decision, granted I don’t believe Affleck will be anything like Christian Bales outstanding portrayal in the Dark Knight Trilogy, but maybe that’s a good thing. Affleck is a versatile actor, likes a challenge and is extremely good at what he does. He may bring something new or different to the role of Batman. Or he may be exactly what everyone wants the Batman character to be, and honestly I can see him in the outfit.

In short I am not going to make up my mind either way until some photos or even footage are released, and I hope that die hard Batman fans will give Affleck a chance, I mean Warner Bros Pictures must know what they’re doing, right? 



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Thor: The Dark World

Hey everyone,

First of all an apology is in order! It has been quite a while since we last posted because we have been quite busy recently but we will be getting back on top of this blogging business! 

So first of all the biggest news since the last post (for me anyway) has been the new full length trailer for Thor: The Dark World, with lots of Loki!!

This trailer gives a much more detailed feel for the film then the previous trailer, which has a distinctive ancient, epic feel that also still has a sense of humour  that many people enjoy.

The trailer also alludes to a closer look at some of the characters that were introduced in the first Thor film, such as Heimdall and Frigga (Thor and Loki’s mother) as well as Sif and the Warriors Three.

We also see that Jane visits Asgard and gives Loki a piece of her mind when they meet for the first time (because Loki never actually got to Earth in Thor and Jane only made a photographic appearance in The Avengers).

And then we get a good look at Malekith leader of the Dark Elves, played by the 9th Doctor himself Christopher Eccleston, although you’d never know just by looking at him! Some amazing make up and costume design disguises Eccleston quite convincingly, even his voice is unfamiliar, but certainly ominous.

All in all this trailer promises an epic, ancient-feeling, thrill ride of a film, with the essence of the first film expanded and blown up to an epic scale in order to follow on from The Avengers.

I can’t wait till October!!

For a break down of the trailer with quotes from some of the stars visit Empire magazine here, the trailer itself is at the end of the article. Enjoy! 😀


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The 12th Doctor is in the House

Hello everyone!

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours you cannot have failed to notice quite an important announcement in the world of Doctor Who . . . the identity of Matt Smiths replacement.

I am not going to tip-toe around the identity as it is pretty impossible to avoid this spoiler, so without further ado the 12th incarnation of The Doctor is . . . .





Peter Capaldi!!


Appearing in episodes of both Doctor Who (The Fires of Pompeii) and Torchwood and being a massive Doctor Who fan himself I think that Peter is an excellent choice to carry on the role of the Timelord after Matt. Being a fan means that he will bring the same enthusiasm and passion for the role that was seen with David Tennant, who was also a massive Doctor Who fan when he got the part.

He also happens to be a fantastic actor and comedian, which means there will almost certainly be lots of comic moments that we have gotten accustomed to, and I have no doubt (unlike Heather) that he will be perfect for the show and a refreshing change from Matt Smith (not that I won’t miss Matt). Moffat has a way of always making the right choices when it comes to these big roles (just look at how perfect Matt was after David left) and the fact that his ‘short list’ consisted of only Peter Capaldi clearly shows he is extremely confident that now is the right time to bring Peter in to take over.

I for one cannot wait to see what his outfit is going to be like (I hope it will be slightly quirky), what his first words are going to be (he’s still not ginger!) and what the Doctors relationship with River will be like after the regeneration (if that story does indeed continue). I also hope that the TARDIS will get another redecoration but seen as it has been redecorated twice in Matts era I can’t see it happening . . . for a while anyway.

So after a busy weekend for Sherlockians, Whovians and Mr Moffat I will leave you with a lovely picture of the new Doctor and we will wait for the clock to strike 12 on Christmas day!

Peter Capaldi: The Twelfth Doctor

We would also love to hear any of your thoughts and comments about Capaldi and what you hope his incarnation will be like!



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Sherlock Series 3 *scream*

Hello my little nerdlings!

Guess what?

We’ve been given a teaser trailer for Sherlock series 3. WOOP!

It was shown this Friday, after the re-run of the last episode of series 2. Needless to say me and Chrissi were glued to the telly. It wasn’t much but it has certainly whetted our  appetite.

Here’s the trailer, courtesy of our faithful friend YouTube;

Thanks BBC.

You know, even after two years, we still can’t figure out how he did it.



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