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Disney Pixar

Hi Folks,

So it has been a few days since our last post and I have been trying to think about what I could blog about, and then I remembered a something I retweeted a little while ago about Pixar.

Copyright Pixar

Now I am a huge Disney/Pixar fan with I think the only two films I haven’t seen (yet) being the most recent ones (Brave and Monsters University). Although I have grown up with these films and Toy Story was a massive part of my childhood I have always appreciated that the films are not actually made for children. They are made because the writers want to make them and want to make them for themselves. So they still appeal to the generation that has grown up with the films as well as the generation that was already grown up when they came out and now the generation that is watching them all for the first time. This universal appeal is part of what makes Pixar films so popular. You can also see evidence of the dedicated team of people that put them together with tons of love and care within the quality of the films and the storylines they choose to portray. They are able to show both the childish entertainment that keeps the younger audience amused and the maturity to tackle adult issues. For example Toy Story 3 struck rather deep with me and my family in particular as it was released at a time when I was in exactly the same position as Andy, all grown up and about to leave home to go to university (or college). So not only did this film have all the fantastic elements that I remembered from the first two when I was a child but it also felt as though it had grown up with me and faced the same issues that I did, and this is the magic that makes Pixar films so fantastic.

Anyway this has rather gotten off the original point I was going to make! 

What I had discovered on Twitter was a link to a blog that had come up with The Grand Pixar Theory! Which describes how all of the films are intertwined and puts them into a timeline (which is not necessarily the order in which they were released). Now I have on occasion noticed similarities between some of the films, talking animals, inanimate objects coming to life etc, as well as the occasional direct reference of one film in another. But this theory encompasses everything and puts it all into the timeline of some sort of parallel universe, starting with Brave and (currently) ending with Monsters Inc.

I can honestly say it is one of the most amazing theories I have ever read and if this is actually what Pixar has planned then they must all be geniuses, equally if it is not true it is still a genius theory that has been constructed from these wonderful films.

Definitely recommended reading, even if you are not a huge Pixar fan!

The blog I originally read is here:-

But after just doing a bit of research I have discovered a website that has been put together explaining the theory in a shorter, simpler manner, with very nice graphics ;). This can be found here:-

Have fun reading and remember nothing has been confirmed it’s all just speculation for now!

Till next time



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Total Annilation at The Worlds End’s *SPOILERS*

Hi everyone,

we have literally just got home after watching The World’s End, starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine and Eddie Marson, directed by Edgar Wright.

Now we need to say right from the off that this post/review will include spoilers, as well, we can’t really talk about the film without giving everything away!

Yep, so lets grab some bar stools and rip our shirts open!

Beautiful imagery there (just imagine Nick Frost doing that and your fine). Anyway if we start with a general synopsis of the film to give some insight, if you didn’t already know.

So Gary King (Simon Pegg) regroups his old pals together on a trip back to their home town of Newton Haven to complete ‘The Golden Mile’. The Golden Mile is a legendary bar crawl around the town that includes 12 pubs starting in The First Post and culminating at The World’s End. They started this crawl when they had just left school but failed to make it to the end so King is determined to complete the mile whether a robot-invading-world-ending-barmagendon occurs or not.

All starts off well but it soon transpires that something has happened in Newton Haven and after a violent incident in the men’s loo the group discover pretty much the whole town has been taken over by robots. Well I say robots but robots are slaves and these are not slaves they are very happy, as they keep arguing, anyway they end up simply being called ‘Blanks’.

Basically they’re invading but are to PC to say it’s an invasion. And, humans being humans, we’re buggering everything up for them 🙂 This doesn’t go down to well and ends in, well, the worlds end. (As we know it anyway)

Yes so as the team tick off more and more pubs along their golden mile they proceed to get more and more tangled up in some pretty epic pub fights. Now as they continue the robots are beginning to learn who they are and adapt their ‘responses’ accordingly making it more and more difficult to distinguish between humans and ‘blanks’. However they do make mistakes, because when people are turned into blanks their DNA gets used so any scars, tattoos won’t show and any lasered off birth marks will reappear.

Just like the ‘Omen’! His 6-shaped facial birth mark showed him up to be a blank! Who the hell got the  idea to turn Dr. Watson into a robot? I mean a Hobbit is reasonable, but a robot??

He was not a robot! In fact after he turned he was very happy to be back in Newton Haven and willing to complete the Golden Mile, even persuading the others to continue (which was when my suspicions were first aroused). The next scene was pretty cool when Andy (Frost) realised what had happened and suddenly smashed Oliver’s (Freeman) face off with a bar stool.

That reminds me of the bit where they met up again at the bowls club, or ‘the smoking room’. They all got paranoid and made each other prove they were human by showing scars, which ended with King Gay (Gary) repeatedly smashing his head against a pillar to prove he was human.

Haha King Gay

Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha! Peter then got captured and turned into a blank after beating the crap out of his childhood bully (who was also a blank) King Gay, lol 🙂

By this point there were only three pubs left on the crawl but it had all gotten too much for them and decided to call it a night. However to get back to Gary’s car ‘The Beast’ they had to go through pub number 10. At this point King Gay couldn’t let go of the fact they were so close to the end and made a run for it. Cue  lot’s of running, chasing, fast drinking and some emotional reconciliation between Pegg and Frosts characters (Seriously could have picked a better time though right?)

And then they got to the World’s End. This is where the sh*t got real, in a subterranean way. Like the bar sank into an underground bunker where we finally got to see the face of ‘The Network’. And the younger (and cuter) versions of Gary and his mates.

Gary’s words not ours by the way, and at this point it was nice to hear a familiar voice from the Cornetto trilogy in the form of Bill Nighy. Basically this is one of the best scenes in the film where Gary, Andy and Steven (Considine) have an argument with the Network and stand up for all that is bad about humanity and why we should be left alone!

The Network says ‘F*ck it’ in the end and leaves Newton Haven to be consumed by some sort of electrical explosion which plunges the world back into the dark ages.

So there you are barmagedon leading to the end of the world as we know it all because King Gay wanted to finish the Golden Mile. Thanks a bunch Gay.

However, orange Wednesday well spent! An awesome film to see at any time of day. Can we have it on DVD now?

Haha might have to wait a while for that release but it was indeed an awesome film and a fitting end to the Cornetto Trilogy. Great story, brilliant effects and amazing cast, all I can say is a very well done to the whole team. And for those that are sad the trilogy has come to an end I say don’t be sad it ended, be happy it happened. And a quote from the mighty Peggster himself “this is not the beginning of the end, it is the end of the beginning”. 

So we look forward to the next installment from Pegg, Frost and Wright.

Haha, King Gay.


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San Diego Comic-con 2013: Movie highlights!

Hi folks,

So you may have heard of this little event that happened at the weekend called comic-con. Basically it’s the best place to be for four days to get all the juicy gossip on all the up coming films and TV shows that mainly fall into the sci-fi genre, oh and comic books.

Now i’m gonna make a small confession here, I’ve never read a comic book before (shock horror!) and to be completely honest I don’t want to start, for the simple reason I really don’t want to become addicted to anymore things!! However I am very interested in how the stories form these comics are translated onto the big screen.

So in this post I am going to focus on the big movie news that came out of the convention at the weekend.

First off we’ll start with the Marvel Panel, arguably one of the biggest highlights of comic-con. This year the panel started with a take over from none other then Loki, of Asgard, recruiting his army and introducing a new trailer for Thor:The dark world. This was a majestic performance from Tom Hiddleston who had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand, even whilst insulting them. This is such a good clip that i’m gonna share it with you all right now!

The trailer itself is not available as yet but we’re keeping our eyes peeled. I for one cannot wait for this film to be released later this year, especially after the events of The Avengers.

Captain America was next with a large number of the cast present on stage, including Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansson, Samuel L Jackson, Sebastian Stan, Cobie Smulders, Emily VanCamp, Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, and some apparently impressive footage of the film. This included Cap taking on a bunch of bad guys in a lift, the Falcon (Mackie) spreading his wings, a helicarrier heading for water (vertically) and of course the big reveal of the Winter Soldier. There was also a clip in relation to Captain America showing some action from a Marvel short for Agent Carter, which will be released as an extra on the Ironman 3 Blu-ray. Click here for the clip.

Up next on the Marvel panel was Guardians of the Galaxy for which the entire cast flew in from London especially. They have only just started filming but managed to put together a clip for the panel which featured the ‘Guardians’ in a police-style line up. Another surprise for the audience was when Karen Gillian revealed that she had shaved her head in order to play the role of villain Nebula, and took off her wig!


And finally from the Marvel panel came a surprise teaser trailer for the Avengers sequel. Joss Weldon walked on stage to reveal the trailer which shows Ironman’s helmet being scraped and bashed, with voice overs from Avengers Assemble. The helmet went on to be moulded into the iconic mask of rogue robot Ultron, with the title The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Again cannot wait for this film to be released in 2015!! 

Now moving on slightly we can look at X-men: Days of future past. Now i’m told that this is a massive story line in the comics and one of the best loved so it’s a big responsibility for the people making the film, but I am incredibly excited for this film, if nothing else to see the ensemble of amazing actors sharing the big screen. Some footage was shown during this panel and it revealed the Wolverine is the one who travels back in time to meet the cast of First Class. There was a lot of banter between cast on stage which shows there’s plenty of chemistry between them and hopefully between their characters. For more information on this movie and quotes from the panel check out the Empire article here.

Another amazing actor also turned up in costume and in character to comic-con this year, Andrew Garfield, aka Spider-man, and stayed in character for a short while. However the main buzz around the spider-man panel was again the footage, which portrayed a more comedic tone than the first outing as well as introducing the ‘big bad’ Electro aka Jamie Foxx. To see a sneak peek of Electro go to the IMDb page, also found here.

Moving away from the world of Marvel superheroes let’s now take a look at some DC superheroes!

First up the big news concerns the sequel to the hugely successful Man of Steel which *drum roll please*  . . . . will include Batman! Announced at the end of the Warner Bros panel Zack Snyder revealed there would be a sequel to Man of Steel and then handed the stage to Harry Lennix to read out a quote which went like this:

“I want you to remember, Clark. In all the years to come, in all your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

Yes, this is a quote from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and the crowd went berserk!

Right that’s almost it for the movie highlights of this years comic-con but here are just a few more films that caught our eye.

Firstly there were some ‘lovely’ details about on screen kiss between Hunger Games stars Jennifer Laurence and Josh Hutcherson as well as a look at a new trailer for the up coming Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Another epic looking film trailer released at comic-con was for the Seventh Son starring Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes. Full of myth, fantasy, action and comedy.

Also revealing new footage at comic-con was 300: Rise of an Empire, which gave a little background to Xerxes character and why he believes he is a god. Starring Rodrigo Santoro, Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton the action packed trailer can be seen below

And finally bringing it back round to comic book heroes is Kick-ass 2. Showing an extended trailer which has just as much blood, guts, gore and foal language as the first film! For a look at this new trailer and the new ‘heroes’ just click here.

That’s it folks our take on the movie highlights of 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, its gonna be an action packed few years at the box office!!


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Comic-Con 2013; TV show highlights!

Hi  there thunder-buddies!!

So, Comic-Con is over for another year, and we still didn’t go :(.  But, we do have some highlights for you! Now CD is taking care of the movie side of it, so I’ll take you through all of the TV Show-based news that caught our eye. There’s only a few, but they are all pretty awesome, so I think you’ll like this.

Once Upon a Time

This relatively new show has done a very good job of capturing our attention over the first two series. And at Comic Con this year we got some inside info on which of our beloved childhood characters will be joining the fray. The most exciting revel is that Ariel from Little Mermaid will be joining the towns people of Storybrooke. Although the character hasen’t been cast yet we’re sure they’ll pick someone good. My personal suggestion is Emmy Rossum. She has a voice that lives up to the tales of mermaids being sirens of the sea.

We also found out that Peter Pan will be joining the cast, however he’s not how we remember him from the tales, with co-creator Eddy Katsis saying he will ‘frighten some people’. I think we are all agreed that we look forward to see these new additions to the cast, and hopefully some more!

The Big Bang Theory

Although there were no big plot revels for series seven of Big Bang, the panel had a lot of fun at Comic Con this year. Bernadette (AKA Melissa Rauch) moderated the panel which was introduced by none other than Professor Steven Hawking. He made several references to the show during his speech including reciting the theme song! Halfway through the panel a member of the audience in Star Wars Costume joined the stage who was reviled to be Johnny Galecki (AKA Leonard) much to the audiences joy.

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals

Many of the cast for Vampire Diaries and the Originals turned up to Comic Con this year, delighting the fans. A trailer for the new series of Vampire Diaries was shown which had a detailed recap of the first four series, then showed a reviled baddie Silas addressing the townsfolk of Mystic Falls. Me thinks this spells trouble for all super naturals involved!

Footage was also released for the new spin-off show the Originals. It has also been reviled that the first episode will show the story of Klaus going back to New Orleans from the Vampire Diaries again, but his time from Elijah’s’ point of view. Needless to say as a Joseph Morgan fan I am very excited for this new show to start!

Agents of SHIELD

This went down very well this year, and many people in the Marvel-sphere are buzzing for this new show to come out. In a surprising twist Joss Whedon unveiled not a clip for the new series, but the whole pilot episode! It went down a storm and confirmed the return of Clark Gregg’s Character Agent Phil Coluson. It was also reviled that Agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) will appear in several episodes. 


Now for our beloved English TV Shows;

Doctor Who

There is a ridiculous amount of speculation surround the 50th anniversary of this British Institution of a show. All I’m going to divulge is that Matt Smith (11th Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), David Tennant (10th Doctor) and Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) will be in it. There are rumors of Queen Elisabeth I being in it, and the Darleks. Steven Moffat has also said that he has ‘lied his arse off’ about who is and isn’t going to be in the episode. So hope for the return of Captain Jack Harkness yet!! That is all I’m going to say on the matter, because it gets very complicated and confusing the more you read about it.


This is all you need for Sherlock:

I love that man 🙂

So, enjoy all the offerings and I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of The Worlds End!


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Fandoms . . .

Now, as I’m sure you’ve realised we’re quite into all sort of fandoms; Doctor Who, Sherlock, LotR, Avengers/Marvel films, The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean, Vampire Diaries, Merlin, Star Trek, Star Wars, Nic Cage, Once Upon a Time, X-Men, Harry Potter, Disney films, Pixar Films, The Big Bang Theory, Hotel Babylon, Hustle and, of course, Friends!

But I would like to take this opportunity to point out some book fandoms that I am very much a part of. To start with I love books written by L. J. Smith. Although I have not read the Vampire Diaries books, I have read many of her other series including the Night World series, the Forbidden Game and Dark Visions. I’m planning to buy into the Secret Circle series soon too.

I also have half of the Beautiful Creatures series and a few books from the Immortals After Dark series (Although I wouldn’t recommend these for younger readers) 

Two other series I’m pretty into are the Blue Bloods series and the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.

So pick up a good book and delve into an awesome story


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New Admin

Hi everybody!
Chrissi here, just a quick post to show that I can now put stuff up without my sister knowing about it 😉
So i’m gonna put a little treat up . . .
A little Tom Hiddleston for you

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Our introduction to ‘The Moff’

Hi there folks! 

What up guys!

So we thought our next post should be about something (or should that be someone) that has had a massive affect on our lives. As devoted fans of both Doctor Who and Sherlock, Steven Moffat (‘The Moff’) has given us some fantastic TV moments. But these programs were not the first time we experienced the talents of Mr Moffat. 

We were first introduced to Moffats work when our parents allowed us to watch series 4 of a little British comedy called Coupling. We didn’t know it at the time but this was to be the last series of the program but we had all the previous series on DVD and we soon became hooked.

*You first saw series 4. I had seen some of the other episodes before on DVD.

Ok, the point is we both love this strange comedy program that introduced us to the world of ‘Unflushables’, ‘The Giggle-loop’ and ‘The cupboard of Patrick’s Love’.

Ahh the giggle-loop, it has ruined so many serious events for us. Anyway, Couplings main characters, Steve and Susan, just so happen to be based on none other than our own Steven Moffat and his lovely wife Sue Vertue. Personally my favourite character is Jeff (played by Richard Coyle)

Ohh Jeffrey . . . A strange and wonderful character that has kept us laughing long after the series finished back in 2004 – Humm that’s nearly ten years, wonder if Moffat has any time spare to make an anniversary episode?

That would be pretty awesome. Take the reins for a bit I want to finish my jaffa cake.

Very professional Heather. However awesome that may be, i don’t think an anniversary episode is on the cards. Since Moffat is tied up with the 50th year of Doctor who, bringing Sherlock back from the dead  as well as looking for the 12th regeneration of the Timelord, coupled with the fact many people don’t seem to like Coupling all that much for some reason.

Well, we shall just have to write to him and see what happens. And now that I have finished my jaffa cake I would like to point out that, um, bugger I’ve gone blank. Help?

Ok i’ll take over, we haven’t really explained why we love this program so much. It’s not only the uniquely weird and wonderful characters but also the dynamics between them all. The main theme throughout the program is sex and relationships and how the six main characters struggle with this area of their lives.

Also the fact that it can make you pee yourself from laughing gives the show extra brownie points. If  you want a more naked and detailed plot summary go here –>

There’s plenty to enjoy for all the family sorry actually it’s quite rude so probably best not to share with ALL the family, especially in the ‘Naked’ episode . . .

Yep, that one does get pretty naked 😉 So in summary, you should all watch Coupling it’s awesome and you’ll love it. The hypno-toad says you should.

What the?

Anyway yes it is an awesome series and i would recommend it to anyone as a fascinating introduction to a more relaxed and fun Moffat style.

He’s sooooo changeable!! *awesome Moriarty impression* Oh my god, Moffat IS Moriarty!!!!! DUN DUN DURRRRRR!!

*Shocked gasp*

I don’t think Andrew Scott will be too pleased with this revelation! On the subject of Sherlock we will inevitably post quite a bit on this as the third series approaches, as well as the goings on in the world of Doctor who during it’s 50th anniversary. But as a starter to the world of ‘The Moff’ we recommend Coupling.


Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Gina Bellman (Leverage)

Sarah Alexander (Stardust -not that you would recognise her!)

Kate Isitt (Half light)

Ben Miles (V for Vendetta, and the upcoming Dracula TV series)

Richard Coyle (Prince of Persia and my personal favourite actor to be the next Doctor )

And in the fourth series Richard Mylan (Grownups)

So Check it out. Here’s a picture of the cast for you all:

Copyright BBC 2000-2004

I have to go groom my rabbit so, Laterz!


Alright see you all soon!


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